FirstDIS Introduction

FirstDIS Introduction

Welcome to FirstDIS ltd.
Your Strategic Partner in Drug Information Deliverty.

FirstDIS Ltd, the joint venture company with university, is the leading provider of electronic drug information in the healthcare industry.
Our previous company name PHARMVAN was founded on January 6, 2000 by Dr. Shin, Hyun Taek, Pharm.D., who is currently professor of Sookmyung Women's University School of Pharmacy in Seoul, Korea. We renamed PHARMVAN to FirstDIS Ltd. on August 1, 2005 to display our core business in comprehensive drug information service and innovative software development.

Our name further describes us: First stands for being innovative and the best in delivery of technology. DIS is an abbreviation for Drug Information Service. FirstDIS helps our customers enhance their performance and effectiveness. Our logo reflects the commitment to improve the quality of life and dignity of human.

FirstDIS now participates actively in the implementation of DUR(Drug Utilization Review) program and system which will optimize drug uses nationwide in Korea.
By reducing the incidence of medication errors and adverse drug events, FirstDIS helps to lower healthcare costs and improve patient care.
With over 20 years experience and university's infrastructure, FirstDIS is a world leader in researching, validating and maintaining critical drug information. We also help our customers integrate that data into their systems as rapidly and economically as possible.
If you want any information about our services and company in English, please contact the CEO (

Ock Hee Oh, Chief Executive Officer, FirstDIS Ltd.